mercoledì 25 luglio 2012


-Superyob / quality street (10)
-Warrior Kids / a la gloire des losers (10)
-Thee Kares / Who gives a fuck! (7)
-Oldfashioned Ideas / Promises Mean Nothing (€10)
-Oldfashioned Ideas / We're in the shit together (8)
-Agnostic Front / My life my way (€10)
-Earn your scars-play your card(€10)
-Earn your scars-the world is yours(€10)
-The Stab / punk 77 discography (€7)
-Don't Forget-This is the time (8€)
-Guilty Bastards-solo per te stesso (8€)
-Il presidente knife 49_medi in itali(6€)
-Waterfall-tutti qui per te(6€)
-Blood 77-Homeless (7€)
-The Righteouse-9 days we hung (8€)
-Bakers Dozen-nightmares in red white and blue(8€)
-The Patrons-we shall not be moved (8€)
-Pinta Facile-Ieri...oggi (8€)
-Klaxon / Uonna Klub (€5)
-Knives Out / Here Again (€7)
-The Barons-The Incited split cd (€8)
-Murderer's Row / The Bully Bred (€10)
-Murderer's Row / Urban Shocker (€10)
-Templars/ Outremer (8)
-Antipati/ Fragor som rör det allmänna CD (DigiPac) (€10)
-F.A.V.L. / Cemento e follia (€7)
-The Widowmakers / Reap what you've sown (8)
-Plan Of Attack / All or Nothing (€8)
-Hard Times / Life is a Battelfield (€10)
-Bombardiers / Saraba Nakama ( lp €12,cd €5)
-Maraboots/ 7" (6)
-Tailgunner / Sing along and gatlins guns cd (€8)
-The Barons and The Incited /Songs from the mason-dixon CD-SPLIT (€8)
-Brutti e Ignoranti-The warriors split 7" (€6)
-Crossfire / Tomorrow burns cd(€8)
-To do Gein / firts album with 8 tracks (7)
-Cobra / Hello this is cobra (10)
-Haggis/ stormtroopers of hate (7)
-Aggressive Combat / Survive (7)
-Haircut / Violence (8)
-Carcereduro / a chaque epoque ses heroes (10)
-Bakers Dozen and Skinfull split / looking for trouble (10)
-Nightbreed / Street Pirates (8)
-The Black Tartan Clan / Boots,Kilts'nPipes cd (€8)
-The Black Tartan Clan / the loyal men(10)
-Ciurma Skins / Ciurma Skins (8)
-The Riot / Deset let ten years (8)
-Razors in the night / Carry On (8)
-Oi fuck you / british oi compilation with on file,superyob,c84,gonads,retalliator and moore (8)
-Hetairoi / Acodis por caronte (8)
-Razzapparte/ tuscia Oi (5)
-Razorblade / music for maniacs (10)
-Double Knockout/poor mans poetry (10)
-The Fourth Sin/ benzina sul fuoco (8)
-The Fourth Sin/ Anger (5)
-Hardknocks / live is pain (7)
-Gradinata Nord / Valtellina boyz (10)
-Roll Call/ sotto il suo cielo(8)
-Brutti e Ignoranti/ alla faccia vostra (8)
-Payback / Bring it back (8)
-Payback-Usque ad finem (8€)
-Haine/mai piu’ (5)
-Drunken Bastards/ no discussion,no debate (7)
-Bootsroke-Jungle Fever(split)/pride of athens (10)
-Haggis/pride is our crime (8)
-Area de Combate/ carretera hacia el infierno (10)
-Royal Stakeout/ bring in the beer (10)
-On the Job/ Rock’n’oi (10)
-Tropel/ pela Gloria das ruas (10)
-Motorhead/ collections (8)
-Menace/ no escape from nowhere (10)
-Section 5/ rejected (10)
-The Pagans/ hate till justice reigns (10)
-Unit Lost/ mainstream misfits (10)
-Vanilla Muffins/ gimme some sugar oi (10)
-Vanilla Muffins/ ultra fine day (10)
-Oxymoron/fuck the nineties (10)
-Stiff Little Fingers/ inflammable material (10)
-On File / Breaking Rules (10)
-On File / Ejected from the premises (10)
-Faccao Opposta-Mao de Ferro(split) (10)
-Snix/ quand le soleil se levera (10)
-The Corps/ nail it shut (10)
-The Corps / Bottle of Rock'n'roll (10)
-Condemned 84/ face the aggression (7)
-Condemned 84/ storming to power (7)
- West Side Boys/au fil du temps (10)
-West side boys-are back (€10)

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martedì 24 luglio 2012

TAXI- 'Dead Girl' 7"(year 2007) ~PRE GIUDA!

TAXI are the band that kind of morphed into Guida. Well here it is TAXI collectors, This is the hardest single to find by this great Italian band mainly because it came out on Hellnation Records. Hellnation is a pretty old Italian punk/HC label, but has very little distribution outside of Italy. So good luck finding another one if yer not from the Rome area. The single has 3 songs on it: 1. Dead Girl B/W 2. Qui Est In, Qui Est Out and 3. Blue Lights. It's a must if you like any of their records...really good fuzzy sounding vintage punk ala the Pack, Kids, Unnatural Axe, Hubbe Bubble etc. LIMTIED TO 500 COPIES AND LONG OUT OF PRINT!!
Few copy available also on

lunedì 23 luglio 2012

The Patrons-We shall not be moved


Guilty Bastards-Solo per te stesso


Pinta Facile-Ieri...Oggi

For info:

Waterfall-Tutti qui per te


Il Presidente knife 49-Medi in italy


Bakers Dozen-Nightmares in Red White and Blue

Bakers Dozen-Nightmares in Red White and Blue Cd-album available,for

Romper Stomper LP VINYL!

Complete and uncut soundtrack from the 1992 geoffrey wright film... vinyl limited edition to 500 copy.Just few copy available!!! For info: