domenica 26 settembre 2010

Strength Thru oi Distro


-Automatica Aggregazione/Ancora noi,Ancora noi
-Gli Ultimi
-Blood Pact/ fino all’ultima goccia
-The 80’s
-Nabat/early rare and oi
-Nabat/ archivio vol.2
-Impact/1980-87 Anthology
-The Fourth Sin/ benzina sul fuoco
-The Fourth Sin/ Anger
-Roll Call/ sotto il suo cielo
-Rebelde/ fratelli di sangue
-Brutti e Ignoranti/ alla faccia vostra
-The Pegs-Redemption (split)/ il sonno della ragione
-Cattivo Sangue/ united
-Blood 77-The bone machine(split)
-Haine-mai piu’
-Drunken Bastards/ no discussion,no debate
-Bootsroke-Jungle Fever(split)/pride of athens
-Haggis/pride is our crime
-Area de Combate/ carretera hacia el infierno
-Royal Stakeout/ bring in the beer
-On the Job/ Rock’n’oi
-Tattoed Mother Fuckers/ it’s a thug life
-Tattoed Mother Fuckers/ thug anthems
-Geoffrey oi cott/ the good the bad & the googly
-Tropel/ pela Gloria das ruas
-The Corps/ nail it shut
-Motorhead/ collections
-Jonny Cash/ at folsom prison
-Menace/ no escape from nowhere
-Section 5/ they think it’s all over…is it fuck?!
-Section 5/ rejected
-The Pagans/ hate till justice reigns
-Unit Lost/ mainstream misfits
-Gimp Fist/ your time has come
-Vanilla Muffins/ gimme some sugar oi
-Vanilla Muffins/ ultra fine day
-Stiff Little Fingers/ inflammable material
-On File/ the real mcOi
-Slapshot/ 16 valve hate
-Faccao Opposta-Mao de Ferro(split)
-Cobra/ hello this is cobra
-Raw Power/ screams from the gutter after your brain
-Snix/ ces années là
-Snix/ quand le soleil se levera
-The Crack/ the best of
-Condemned 84/ face the agrresion
-Condemned 84/ storming to power


_Bull Brigade/Strade smarrite
-On File/ ejected from the premises

-Never mind die zlaskhinx/here’s the tribute record

-Peter and the test tube babies
-The Guvnors/bankrobbin’
-Produzenten der Froider/1992 stuggart
-Headcase/ready to go
-Harrington Saints
-Volxsturm-Harrington Saints(split)
-Automatica Aggregazione

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mercoledì 8 settembre 2010

Sir Psyko and His Monsters

Great psychobilly band from Austria
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Dan Statler Photography

Dan Statler is an artist, photographer, musician, and film and TV veteran with credits on hit shows and blockbuster movies from Armageddon to Jimmy Kimmel Live. His work on Discovery Channel’s Monster Garage led to commissions for his one of a kind artwork from Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly. No matter the job, Dan’s unique vision is always on demand. Today he combines his love for music with his talent for direction by creating music video with his singular style.
The most recent offering from this multi dimensional artist is the music video for the premier Los Angeles rockabilly band, The Three Bad Jacks, for their hit single, “Crazy In The Head”. Commissioned by Monster Garage’s production company (Original Productions) for their website, it has become the top played music video on the site.
The story is a mix of comedy and 50’s style horror films combined with the unbridled energy of the Jacks’ live performance. Working closely with the band, Dan scripted a story tailor made to fit the spirit of the song and the image of the band. Although the budget was tight, (the video was for the startup of the website) Dan was able to use the Monster Garage cars and props as well as resources available to the Jacks to minimize production costs and optimize production value to deliver a truly remarkable video.
Shot on 720p in two days, the video highlights the Jacks’ high-octane musical performance while combining Green Screen elements and staged vignettes to tell the story. Guest appearances by one of today’s top Pin Up models, Miss Dayna Deluxe as the sexy vinyl clad nurse, adds the necessary spice while demonic prosthetics and physical F/X deliver the Devil in all his hellish glory.
Shot to be “a direct descendant of David Lynch and Ed Wood”, the Crazy In The Head video is exactly that. Edited as well as Directed by Dan Statler, this video delivers a fast paced narrative laced with an element of humor that is completely in step with the band and their music.

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