lunedì 1 febbraio 2010



T.H.U.G. is an Australian skinhead rock band formed by local veterans such as founding members Chumly (vocals) and Simon (drums), whose have played in several Oi! and Rock’n’roll bands from the 80’s and 90’s. To have a better idea about the quality of this album, it was produced by Rose Tattoo’s bass player Steve “Kingy” King. Actually, Steve also had been a member of the band in the early days, but due to his touring commitments with Rose Tattoo as well as his tattoo shop House of Pain, he had to be replaced by another bass player. This CD is superb, a top-notch Rock’n’Oi! followed by 2 guitars, with catchy songs and mature lyrics! Regarding the lyrics, it is about street life (aggro, betrayal & revenge, imprisonment and missing friends). Rose Tattoosinger Angry Anderson appears as guest on “Gunnin’ 4 you”, one of the best songs on this CD. Other brilliant songs are “The way it is”, “69” and “We rule OK”. T.H.U.G. sounds good as the best British skinhead rock bands, and you gotta love it! Impressive disc!